Construction Professional Services

Construction projects require large investments of time and money. Having PEA’s Construction Professional Services staff on site for your construction project allows you the peace of mind that the critical details are being overseen by experienced staff.  We take this team process into the field which allows our staff to interact with local governing agencies, design professionals and contractors, helping to reduce obstacles during construction.

The PEA Team is comprised of experienced, trained and certified professionals equipped to provide:

  • Soil testing: 1) Building pads and foundations; 2) Underground utility backfill
  • Special inspection reporting: 1) Steel bolted and welded connections; 2) Masonry and grout
  • Concrete testing, asphalt and aggregate testing
  • Construction inspection and progress observations for residential, industrial and commercial developments
  • Coordination with local governing agencies
  • Utility testing documentation
  • Site construction evaluations throughout the project
  • Final grade inspections for residential parcels
  • Stormwater and soil erosion inspection

PEA has received AASHTO R18 accreditation from the Construction Materials Engineering Council, Inc. (CMEC).

The areas of accreditation include Concrete, Soil, and Aggregate for both laboratory and field testing and training.

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