Academy of Sacred Heart Athletic Facility Expansion

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

The expansion of the Academy of Sacred Heart campus included two multi-use athletic fields, baseball field, a 30,000 sf indoor gymnasium, and two parking lots to accommodate all of these new amenities. The project scope included the site design, engineering, soil examination and landscaping of all of the outdoor recreational facilities and spaces.

The athletic fields were sited on the campus to preserve existing mature trees that would provide shade for spectators, while still ensuring safety for the athletes. Soil testing was completed to determine proper soil stabilization and to ensure the fields would also allow proper drainage upon completion.

Care was taken in the selection of the turf mixes for use on the recreational fields to provide a lush, durable, low-maintenance landscape. Massing of native trees and shrubs were planted for buffering along the campus boundary lines to minimize the noise and views for the adjacent residential properties. Upgrades were also completed on the campus stormwater management system to accommodate all of the proposed improvements.

The addition of two new parking areas increased safety and eased traffic flow throughout the campus by eliminating undesirable parking situations along the primary access roads due to a previous parking shortage.

Services Provided
Topographic survey, athletic field design, grading, layout and drainage plans, landscape design, construction staking, construction inspection.

Academy of Sacred Heart

Project Team
Rachel Smith, PE, LEED AP, CFM
Jeffrey Smith, PLA, LEED AP

Construction Completion Date

Professional Engineering Associates Inc. | Academy of Sacred Heart Athletic Facility Expansion