Consumers Energy J.R. Whiting Generation Plant Parking Lot Replacement

Luna Pier, Michigan

Client | Reference
Consumers Energy Company

February 2010

Project Team
Daniel Stys, PE, Project Manager
David Wirth, Staff Engineer

The main employee parking lot at the J.R. Whiting Power Generation Plant was in desperate need of reconstruction. The lot exhibited alligator cracking, potholes and severe weathering. It was constructed of approximately 5 inches of asphalt pavement on aggregate base, and was surrounded by concrete curbing. A causeway which services the eastern portions of the facility was also selected for paving. This causeway overlies the cooling water tunnel for the 3 power generators.

The owner selected reconstruction by pulverization after recommendations from PEA and reconstruction of the curbs for this lot. The pulverized material allowed us to increase the pavement slopes to improve the surface drainage of the lot. The removal and replacement of the curbs also allowed for improved curb reveal and surface drainage. Excess pulverized asphalt was used by Consumers Energy on-site, reducing cost by eliminating costs associated with removing material from the site.

The existing stabilized aggregate surface was removed from the causeway and asphalt pavement was installed in its place. This pavement will greatly improve the maintenance efficiency of the existing cooling water screening operation at the facility.

Services Provided
Pavement engineering, site layout and design, construction inspection, construction material testing.

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