DMC Institute and Harper-Hutzel Specialty Center

Detroit, Michigan

PEA was initially contracted for a topographic and utility survey for the Cardiovascular Institute. Since that request, PEA has surveyed 47.5 acres of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) for boundary, topographic and utility information. Multiple historical surveys were compiled to establish a unified coordinated system that will service the campus as it continues to expand.

To assist with long-term asset management, PEA inventoried and compiled underground utility as-built documents to provide complete utility information for future work. We worked with three architectural groups and ten subcontractors to complete the addition to the Harper-Hutzel Specialty Center, the Cardiovascular Institute and a new multi-storied parking deck with pedestrian bridge.

Project Team
David Cole, PS
Kevin Roach, PS

Start: 03/2011
Complete: 2014

Instruments | Software
Leica 1200 GPS
Leica 1200 Total Station
Leica Digital level
AutoCAD 2007

Professional Engineering Associates Inc. | DMC Institute and Harper-Hutzel Specialty Center