Hartland Towne Square Shopping Center

Hartland, Michigan

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Infrastructure: Complete

Design: Ongoing

Project Team

Jon Curry, PE

Jerry Clanton, PSM

Hartland Towne Square is being developed as a 600,000 sf open air power center featuring a number of major anchors, including a department | grocery store built on 80+ acres at the northwest quadrant of US-23 and Highland Road (M-59). The development’s total impact is over 200 acres, which comprises off-site impacts including surrounding parcels, wetlands, the relocation of an existing county road (Hartland Road) and the reconstruction of 0.75 miles of the state highway along the site’s frontage (M-59). Relocated roadway design included a super-elevated section, roundabout, signalized intersection, separate truck route and new intersection with M-59 (Highland Road.) A new County Drain and Drainage District were established within the new road right of way.

The property was the location of a former truck stop and abandoned municipal wastewater treatment plant, and was bordered on two sides by regulated wetlands. The only available stormwater outlet for the site was

a failing county drain consisting of 80-year-old clay field tile. The solution was a newly designed and constructed pumping station, relocated pressure main and new maintenance building. The design and construction of the relocated pumping station and pressure main preceded the Hartland Towne Square review and final approval process.

In order to meet demanding deadlines set by the developer and his prospective tenants, portions of the project were broken out into sub-projects and distributed to multiple engineers and designers, then incorporated into the final construction documents by the core engineering team.

The development currently consists of 2 stores, and is awaiting new tenants.


Services Provided

Surveying, hydrologic analysis, site engineering, retaining wall design, private and public road design, county drain, wetland design.

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