Hazel Park Community Schools  Jardon Vocational School Pavement Reconstruction

Ferndale, Michigan

Hazel Park Comm Schools
Admin. Building | Board Office
23136 Hughes
Hazel Park, MI 48030

Project Team
Daniel Stys, PE
Kenneth Budry, PE
Best Asphalt

August 2007

Based on the recommendation of PEA’s pavement engineers, Hazel Park Community Schools recognized the need to reconstruct the pavement at Jardon Vocational Center in Ferndale, Michigan.

The site had poor drainage, was riddled with potholes and other structural failures. The pavement at this site is used as a bus route as well as a place for staff parking.

PEA recommended pulverizing the existing pavement and placing an asphalt overlay on top of the pulverized base. This allowed for the correction of the drainage issues, while creating additional base material to increase the pavement’s strength.

This project required coordination with operations at the school via the school’s architect, the City of Ferndale and the Oakland County Drain Commissioner, as the area overlies part of the Twelve Towns Drain.

Services Provided
Topographic survey, pavement investigation, construction drawing and specification preparation, site plan preparation and application, soil erosion control permit preparation and application, part-time construction inspection.

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