Hazel Park Junior High and Academy of the Sacred Heart

Hazel Park & Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Hazel Park Junior High School Renovations

PEA completed site plan and construction documents for demolition of the existing 1920’s structure, and construction of the new building and grounds. This project encompassed the track and football field, including landscaping and irrigation. PEA was also responsible for the planning and design of the new parking lot, access drives and receiving area.

Services Provided
PEA completed the final overall development engineering and land division tasks for this project.

Academy of the Sacred Heart Addition

This project consisted of the construction of approximately 30,000 sf addition to the Academy of the Sacred Heart campus. The project entailed new parking lots, 2 new soccer fields, softball and lacrosse field, a new storm sewer system, sanitary sewer and water service for the building addition.

The new parking areas increased safety and eased traffic flow throughout the campus by eliminating undesirable parking situations along the primary access roads due to a previous parking shortage. Throughout the project care was taken to preserve the landmark trees on site. Also, new landscape features were designed to create a buffer for prominent used areas from the neighboring residential properties. Significant landscape improvements were made to help create an attractive campus while minimizing maintenance challenges.

Overall, PEA’s services improved the functionality and appearance of the campus while creating amenities that can be easily maintained.

Services Provided
Topographic survey, detailed engineering construction plans, landscape architecture design, permits from Oakland County, MDEQ and Bloomfield Township.

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