Marathon Gardens Park 

Detroit, Michigan

Client | Reference
Marathon Oil Company LP


Project Team
Sam Lovall, PLA, ASLA
Jeffrey Smith, PLA, LEED AP
Kelly Burks, LA Designer
Kim Dietzel, LA Designer
Julie Gunther, LA Designer

Marathon Petroleum Company LP (MPC) completed a property purchase program in southwest Detroit, with the intent of developing a 100-acre “green space.” The area falls between MPC’s refinery and the Rouge River in the most heavily industrialized area of Detroit, encompassing a degraded residential area known as Oakwood Heights. PEA was engaged by MPC to assist in developing the green space vision plan.

The project became known as “Marathon Gardens” and was vetted through numerous community venues for public input. Program development includes the following elements: wildlife habitat restoration, urban agriculture, park-like landscape and riverfront greenspace with public amenities. A first phase of implementation initiated habitat restoration on three acres and a community-driven urban farming project.

Services Provided
Site inventory and analysis, conceptual planning, phasing plan, report documentation, tree inventory and evaluation, habitat restoration design.

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