Milford Lakes & Bowers Village

Milford Township & Lapeer Township, Michigan

PEA completed site engineering for a mixed-use residential development on a challenging site in Milford Township. The site previously served as an aggregate mine. As part of the project, PEA worked to fit over 600 residential units to the unique site that included lakes and steep slopes.

PEA completed challenging grading and utility design to utilize the topography and natural features on the site to enhance to beauty of the property while providing for a cost effective infrastructure improvements.

Services Provided
Site engineering, wetland permitting, surveying, water distribution analysis, road and utility design

Bowers Village

Lapeer Township, Michigan

PEA prepared a site plan for a new traditional neighborhood in Lapeer Township, Michigan. The site plan provides a variety of housing types with the larger residential lots along the perimeter of the site in order to provide a transition from the proposed land use to the existing land uses surrounding the property. The site plan carefully fits the proposed road and unit layout to the topography of the site. A park is provided as a social space in a central corridor to strengthen the sense of community within the development.

Services Provided
Site inventory and analysis, conceptual site planning

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