Paint Creek Cider Mill | Paint Creek Trail Connection

Oakland Township, Michigan

Client | Reference
Oakland Township Parks and Recreation

Construction 2016

Project Team
Jeffrey Smith, PLA, LEED AP
Matt Hocking, PE

PEA has analyzed and designed several pathway routes to connect the Paint Creek Cider Mill to the Paint Creek Trail. The cider mill and the trail are separated by Paint Creek. There currently is no safe pedestrian route between the popular cider mill and the heavily used trail – even though people regularly desire to access the cider mill from the trail.

To avoid pedestrians using a nearby road to cross the creek, PEA worked with Oakland Township to develop safe pathway connection options. Several options were explored including a pedestrian span bridge over Paint Creek. PEA gathered stake holder input from workshop sessions and public meetings and developed cost opinions for each option. The analysis allowed Oakland Township to determine the most economical route. After the final analysis, PEA designed and engineered a cost-effective route utilizing an easement through an adjacent property.

Services Provided
Conceptual design, survey, cost opinions, MNRTF Grant application exhibits, public and stakeholder meetings

Professional Engineering Associates Inc. | Paint Creek Cider Mill | Paint Creek Trail Connection