Paint Creek Trail to Polly Ann Trail

Oakland Township, Michigan

PEA completed design and engineering for a one-mile segment of non-motorized path adjacent to Adams Road between Gunn Road and the Paint Creek Trail, and the evaluations of nearly 10 miles of other potential pathway routes in the Township. The pathway route presented many challenges including dramatic topography, crossings of Trout Creek and Paint Creek and wetland and floodplain crossings.

The project included choosing the most suitable route, completing a topographic survey of the site and preparing a preliminary layout plan of the pathway including a grading plan and cost estimates and the design of a universally accessible fishing platform with interpretive signage.

PEA prepared and submitted a part 301 and part 303 joint permit application to the MDEQ for two stream crossings as well as floodplain and wetland impacts. The proposed plan minimized natural features impacts by utilizing boardwalks and span truss bridges. As part of this project, PEA assisted with the successful acquisitions of both MNRTF and Transportation Enhancement Grants that were used to fund the project.

Services Provided
Site inventory and analysis, topographic survey, preliminary pathway design and engineering, MDNRE permitting, grant applications, public presentations.

Oakland Township Parks and Recreation

Preliminary Design Complete
Construction Drawings: 2013

Project Team
Jeffrey Smith, PLA, LEED AP
Matt Hocking, PE

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