Redford Marketplace Redevelopment

Detroit, Michigan

Client | Reference

Lormax Stern Development Co.


Spring 2016

Project Team

John Thompson, PE, Project Mgr

Kelly Burks, Landscape Designer

Kevin Roach, PS, Surveyor


25 Acres

Project involved the redevelopment of the former Redford High School site, in the City of Detroit. The proposed 25-acre development consists of a 200,000 sf retail supercenter, 10,000 sf retail | restaurant strip center, gas station and Detroit Police Precinct.

Land surveying services consisted of topographical survey, ALTA, staking for demolition, site construction layout, and preparation of sketches and descriptions for easements, parcel splits and exhibits.

Engineering services included conceptual site layout, grading and utility plans, leasing exhibits, demolition plans and specification, rezoning and municipal site plan approval, construction drawings and specifications (including off-site

State and County Road and signalization improvements). Design also included landscape design and pedestrian pathway system, which involved incorporating artifacts salvaged from Redford High School, construction permit approval from local, county, state and utility providers, construction assistance throughout the development process.


Services Provided

  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Topographical survey
  • ALTA Survey
  • Boundary Survey
Professional Engineering Associates Inc. | Redford Marketplace Redevelopment