Silver Springs Development

Fowlerville, Michigan

PEA completed a traditional site plan layout for a new development in Handy Township. At the onset of the project, input was provided to Handy Township that help lead to the adoption of a new Affordable Housing Ordinance.

The new ordinance allowed for the density and flexibility in design necessary to create the development. After completing a site analysis and wetland delineation, we prepared a preliminary conceptual site plan. The site plan used a grid of small lots, similar to the traditional neighborhoods of the nearby Village of Fowlerville and the development was designed to provide smaller lot sizes for affordable housing. The street layout was designed to allow for a future expansion to the north.

PEA worked closely with the client and the Village of Fowlerville to help get access to their public utilities so the project could utilize smaller lot sizes. The site plan preserves a massive amount of open space and environmentally sensitive areas. The project was also designed with a large landscape buffer that screened the development from Fowlerville Road.

Services Provided
Conceptual site planning, wetland delineation, final site planning, construction drawings, stormwater management plans, landscape plans and MDEQ permitting.

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