University of Detroit Mercy Site Development

Detroit, Michigan

Client | Reference
University of Detroit Mercy
Project Manager
David Hunter, PE
Phase 1: Spring 2008
Phase 2: Fall 2008
Phase 3: Pending

PEA completed the design for a variety of site improvements on the University of Detroit Mercy Campus.

Phase I of the design was part of a large project that included 8 tennis courts, a pavilion and a lacrosse|athletic field. The design included two new parking lots, the reconstruction of two existing parking lots and a roadway connecting a portion of the south campus to the north. The design also included a new storm sewer system tying into a combined sewer owned by the City of Detroit. The challenge of the design was the grading of a section of roadway next to the tennis courts. The tennis courts were designed to be flat and to meet the minimum pavement slope requirements; careful attention had to be made to the grading plans and storm sewer design.

Phase II of the design included a new entrance to the university, which required a new road alignment so the entrance to the University was centered on the clock and bell tower in the middle of the campus. The roadway into and out of the University had to be widened to allow for vehicular circulation and prevent traffic backups at the security gate.

Phase III was put on hold until funding could be obtained and the vacant property could be purchased from the City of Detroit by the University. The third phase involved the expansion of an existing student parking lot and new entrance to the University. To save money on storm sewer, PEA designed the parking lot to sheet flow to an existing storm sewer system, in turn eliminating the need for additional storm sewer and limiting the amount of exposure by the City of Detroit.

Services Provided
PEA provided the construction drawings for approval from the University and the City of Detroit, as well as additional topographic information to what the University had on file, utility design, pavement design and roadway alignment.

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