Warren Technical Center Walking Path

Warren, Michigan

General Motors engaged PEA to design a 1.4-mile, exercise pathway for their corporate campus – a workplace for 16,000 engineers, designers and technicians. The site location for the pathway presented a unique challenge:  it awkwardly featured an abandoned, reinforced concrete, vehicular test track posing a blighted appearance to the campus. Because removing the test track would be cost prohibitive and wasteful, PEA developed a plan to convert the track into a pervious surface by mechanically cracking the pavement.

Over 60,000 cubic yards of soil were moved from elsewhere on the campus to cover the cracked concrete and provide a seed bed for deep rooted, native meadow plants that will continue to separate the cracked concreted. A meandering 8-foot wide asphalt pathway with seating areas and groves of trees completes the design.

This sustainable solution eliminates the negative impacts of the test track without the cost and environmental waste of removing the pavement. The site is now an attractive meadow with a popular walking path enjoyed by many on the campus.

2014 Michigan Chapter of
ASLA Honor Award 

Client | Reference

GM Civil Systems and Cost Systems



Project Team

Jeffrey Smith, LLA, LEED AP,

Janet Evans, LLA,

Kelly Burks, LA Designer

Matt Hocking, PE

Professional Engineering Associates Inc. | Warren Technical Center Walking Path