Wayne State University Faculty and Graduate Housing

Detroit, Michigan

Wayne State University

The project consisted of constructing a new multiple story Faculty and Graduate Housing complex over the razed James Vernor Ginger Ale Company site. The site was made up of several parcels in the City of Detroit.

Topographic and boundary survey challenges for the site included multiple legal descriptions with different reference points, hidden vaults, partial foundations, unrecorded utilities and areas of possible contamination that required historical research.

PEA’s engineering services required a substantial amount of coordination with various City of Detroit Departments. By working with the engineering standards of the City of Detroit, PEA was able to provide site, utility, and grading plans for an economical solution to the function of the project.

During the construction phase of the project, PEA provided construction layout services for grading, paving, foundations, column lines, elevator alignment, utility location, horizontal and vertical control to each floor of the complex, and as-builts.

Services Provided
Topographic and boundary survey, engineering, site and utility plan, grading, paving.

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