Wisconsin Cell Tower ALTA|ACSM Survey

Wisconsin and Northern Michigan Locations

In December of 2010, PEA was retained to provide 48 ALTA|ACSM Land Title Surveys in Wisconsin and Northern Michigan. The forty-two surveys in Wisconsin were completed in the field in a three week period of December with very heavy snow on the ground and many days below zero weather.

The sites were predominately Verizon and AT&T sites extending from La Crosse north to just south of Duluth, Minnesota, east to the Michigan-Wisconsin border and then south to Kenosha, Wisconsin. The remaining six sites were in Northern Michigan.

PEA fielded a team of six surveyors working out of three trucks. Measurements were mostly accomplished with GPS. Drawings were prepared according to the current Minimum Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys at that time. The surveys were delivered on time as required by the client.

Client | Reference
Old Republic Management Services

February 2011

Project Manager
Gerald Clanton, RLS
Instruments | Software
Leica 1200 GPS
Leica 1200 Total Station
AutoCAD 2007

Professional Engineering Associates Inc. | Wisconsin Cell Tower ALTA|ACSM Survey